Wizarding World – The Role-Playing Game

A free tabletop RPG taking place in the Wizarding World


Wizarding World | The Role-Playing Game

The Wizarding World RPG is a homebrew tabletop role playing game (think DnD) taking place in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter series.

Think of it as finally getting your Hogwarts letter.

This game allows you to be anyone in the wizarding world: a Hogwarts student, a potion maker, an evil witch, a Muggle… your imagination is the only limit!

Game masters, this game allows you complete control over your campaign: set your story in the Middle Ages or in space, you can do it all with our inclusive rules!

We’re sharing this game for free, for the love of RPG & the wizarding world, but we strongly encourage you, if you download it, to donate to a trans or queer organization, to help those who have been harmed by the author of Harry Potter.

You can also help with the running cost of this website (domain name and hosting), which amount to about 50 canadian dollars per year, right here:

New year (2024), new goal: 56 of CAD$ 50
Thanks to everyone who helped!

How versioning works

There are 3 digits in the version notation (for example, 4.2.1), in order of importance: the first one marks big changes in core mechanics; the second indicates important tweaks, like adding or removing a skill, adding rules for a lesser game mechanic, etc.; the third and last one denotes smaller changes, like refining unclear rules, correcting typos and errors, etc. 

So 4.2.1 means it is the fourth iteration of core rules, which has seen two phases of lesser mechanics changes and has been corrected one time.

Discord and Facebook icons

Join us on Discord or on our newly created Facebook group if you have questions, comments, or just to find a community of fellow players and game masters!

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